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The Story Thus Far...

While waiting to acquire the budget for another project ('Awake in Madness' - coming soon-ish), it seemed to be a good idea to try and get a couple smaller projects in gear. The projects had to be smaller and less expensive then 'AiM', otherwise there wouldn't really be a point. Fortunately, I had a pair of short scripts sitting around that were just begging for some attention. These scripts were/are 'Hero of the Day' and 'After Midnight' and really, are very different, although they both have on key ingredient. Zombies. Undead Ghouls. The Living Dead.

Budgeting began on both projects as if they were one single entity, since 'Hero' takes place during an afternoon of gory mayhem and 'Midnight' takes place... well, if you can't figure that one out, you don't deserve to be on this wonderful interweb. Even paired together, the budget turned out to be fairly manageable, therefor the project moved along to the next step. E-mailing the talent. So far, everyone I've talked to is interested and casting is now 95% complete, with a lone zombie role left open, to be determined in the very near future. Now that the money and talent issues were taken care of, it was time to get into the nitty-gritty leg work involved with prepping the movie.

Make-up and an abundant amount of fake blood were, of course, needed. So with my trusty assistant, we embarked on a journey to the House of Make Believe. This journey actually took two days, due to the fact that Martin Luther King Day is now a bonafide legitimate holiday (which means the banks were closed and we couldn't cash our budget check). Day one, we surveyed the make-up and struck a deal with the owner to buy four bottles of fake blood, as well as one larger bottle that some fool neglectfully lost the cap to, at half price. Day two, we returned and purchased our zombie ingredients. From there, we travelled to Second Chance Thrift, were we got one costume that we needed. We also snagged what is probably the greatest prop imaginable and will be featured in both shorts.

Enter Day Three (aka The Day Where It Was Learned That Pig Intestines, in fact, Are Illegal to Purchase). Traveling to George's Meat Market, we inquired about said intestines, and were told that it's not legal to purchase them. Makes sense from a health perspective, actually. I was just riding the notion of doing it old school Dawn of the Dead/Day of the Dead-style. All in all, though, it turned out much better. The butcher (George? Maybe...) recommended using sausage casings and filling them with marbles. He gave us a strip to experiment with and off we went to Walmart to find some marbles. For future reference, Walmart does NOT sell marbles. Why? My theory is some idiot child opened up a pack of them and swallowed a handful, so Walmart banished all marbles from their stores. So we, instead, went to Big Lots, which had marbles (one badly dented case). Along the way, we stopped back by Second Chance to get some more costumes.

Arriving home, it was time to start playing with the (not so) fake guts. The marbles, while a brilliant idea in theory, didn't work so well. We tried substituting them for grapes (more squishy, and better colored) but those, too, failed to meet expectations. As it turns out, just filling them with fake blood seems to work quite well. They looked gore-fully disgusting and should work great.

Today is going to be an easier day. By easier, I mean not as much driving around as it'll involve set cleaning and other prep work.

Things are moving along at a swift and smooth pace and I'm very pleased. At this rate, in maybe a week, we should be filming.

- Indy
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